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Best Selling Gaggia Coffee Machines

December 4, 2009
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Gaggia 102532 Espresso-Pure Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – Black

For $249 you can make espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and much more to the quality you would expect in a café from the comfort of your own home. The stainless steel boiler ensures each shot is delivered at exactly the right temperature. There is a cup warmer that is passively heated that ensures you do not lose any heat when the shot is poured. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy your espresso with its thick golden crema layer. The chrome plated brass group head and filter holder also helps to keep the temperature stable. This machine is flexible in that it can take either coffee pods or ground coffee and it comes with a steam wand for making excellent frothy milk to add to cappuccinos and lattes. It also delivers hot water only for those who prefer tea or hot chocolate. The control panel is simple to use and you can make two shots at the same time. There is also a large 42 fluid ounce water tank that can be removed for easy filling. The design is classy and will look good in any kitchen. The unit also comes with numerous accessories including two filter baskets, a coffee tamper and scoop. Overall this is a great coffee machine for the price.

Gaggia 102534 Espresso-Color Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine – Red

Selling for $399, this stunning red Gaggia coffee machine has an exceptional design and is semi-automatic.  It has a stainless steel boiler and uses either coffee pods or ground coffee. There are two filter baskets for brewing either single or double espresso shots. The heat stability is maintained through the use of chrome plated brass in both the group head and filter holder. You can even pre-warm your cups on the cup warmer. If you fancy a change from espresso shots the frothing wand attachment can be used to make cappuccinos or lattes. This is easy to use to foam and steam milk.

Gaggia 16109 Evolution Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

For around $350 you can treat yourself to this Gaggia coffee machine and brew any number of quality coffees at home. The unit is semi-automatic and holds 44 fluid ounces of water in its easily removable reservoir. The control panel is easy to use with its three buttons that you simply push for either power, brewing or steaming. The aluminium boiler holds 3.5 fluid ounces of water and has two elements to speed up heating. Temperature is further controlled by the commercial style brew group and portafilter which is made of brass with chrome plating. To keep the vibration noise down in your kitchen whilst brewing the unit is fitted with rubber mounts. As with most Gaggia coffee machines the filter can work with either coffee pods or ground coffee. There is also a Turbo Frother steam wand to add that professional touch to your coffees. Further features of this stylish machine include a cup warmer, a lightweight casing and a design that is easy to clean. It comes with two stainless steel filter baskets, a coffee tamper and a measuring scoop and is available in either black/silver or silver/chrome colours.