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What Are Coffee Pods? | December 15, 2009

Coffee pods are a great invention that makes using your trusted coffee machine that much simpler. They are little paper packets containing the exact measure of ground coffee that you need to make the perfect drink. After unwrapping them from their film seal, you just put them in the brewing chamber if you have a coffee pod brewer or in a filter holder adaptor in a normal coffee machine. The machine then takes care of the rest – all you have to do is remove the used pod and place it in the bin. That’s it – no more messy portafilters to clean out.

Coffee pods come in three different sizes depending on which machine you are using and whether you are making one shot or two. The standard size is the 44mm pod which contains the 7g of coffee needed to make one shot of espresso. The 55mm pods make two shots and a few machines take the 62mm pods.

There are many coffee blends available for you to sample in the coffee pod range including flavoured coffees such as hazelnut and vanilla. They are sold in multi packs which are the most cost effective way to purchase. You can also buy packs of mixed blends so you can try different varieties without having to buy a whole bag of coffee beans or grounds. Tea pods are also available for the tea lovers in your family.

Most coffee machines these days are either pod ready or are easily adapted to use them. The coffee industry standard on pods is called the ESE format. This means Easy Serving Espresso pod and defines the 44mm standard pods that will work in all machines with the ESE sign. If your machine does not have this sign, you can probably still buy an adaptor filter that will convert your machine to be pod friendly. If you are looking to buy a machine that uses pods you can either choose a semi automatic machine with the ESE sign which will allow you to make coffee the traditional way as well as the convenient pod way or a cheaper pod brewer that only takes pods.

Buying pods in bulk is the most economical option. Prices will vary according to the brand and blend you buy but start from about $0.20 per pod.

Semi automatic machines are great if you know what you are doing with them but with so many steps involved in getting a great coffee from them, you may be inclined to take the easy option and use coffee pods. They make the whole process a lot quicker and involve far less waste and cleaning. They also give a consistent quality to your coffee with each cup and have been developed to produce a great crema on the top. The only disadvantages are the higher cost when compared to packets of beans or grounds.


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